Hands-Free Marketing Secrets – 12 Month Content + Marketing Done-4-You

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Have you ever woke up to find that your world is crazy, and you’re stressing looking at your growing daily to-do-list?

You try not to panic as you wonder how to keep your sanity with all the demands on your time and physical energy, and keep your business running smoothly and clients from noticing that you are overwhelmed.


  • You or a family member suddenly gets sick…
  • You experience a sudden loss in family…
  • You get busy with clients or other business related projects…

Life happens to all of us, but if you’re not marketing your business is dying.

Is blogging marketing?

Absolutely!  Not just any blogging…strategic blogging.

But, before I tell you the business boosting benefit of strategic blogging, I want you to…


  • Having a complete year of content custom created in your voice with a definitive goal in mind to achieve results
  • Having content pre-scheduled to go out to your list
  • Having automated posts connected to your social medial accounts

And all you have done is show up for a 1 hour interview. Just think, You’ve just woke up, sipping coffee while in your pajamas and checking email and you notice that you have a host of new twitter followers.  Someone has even re-tweeted one of your post, and, as a result, you have received an invite to be a paid speaker at an upcoming live event, where you know you will be networking with like-minded, powerful women like yourself.

And the requests keep coming;  you are asked to connect and be a part of several groups on Facebook who recognize the value you will bring to their group.

Then there is your Linked-In and Google+ accounts where you have several requests to network with prominent, influential people.

You are amazed at all the wonder opportunities you have received since enrolling in the “Content & Marketing Done-4-You” service.  You realize that you are everywhere a Womanpreneur needs to be to gain expert status and extraordinary visibility.

You excitedly respond to these amazing requests on your social media accounts.  Then you notice that the rest of your day is free (for you to do what you choose) and it’s not even noon!

What if I told you that you didn’t have to imagine this? You could absolutely make this a reality! Would you want to know more?

Keep reading and I will share my revolutionary solution…

I know first-hand how it feels to have “what you think” is awesome and credible content that the reader needs, wants, and desires but no one knows about it and so you seem ignored and irrelevant.

I diligently posted on my blog each week for an entire year and connected each post to my list and social media accounts, but I only received an occasional like or comment. I was working really hard to Get Seen and Heard but I gained little or no results. My business was dying, and I felt like quitting.

I thought that if I posted, clients would automatically come, and I would easily become the go-to-expert in the industry. I researched and enrolled in what seemed like all the wrong courses and programs to make it work. I was reeled into what I thought would help but turned out as useless and created more confusion and accelerated my feelings of discouragement.

I knew I needed to find the “right” solution to this problem to survive as a Solopreneur in an overcrowded blogosphere and the chaos of (I have the answer) flooded marketplace chatter of “try my VIP day,” “enroll in this six figure course” and “webinar sign-ups” hoping for results.

So after master minding with colleagues about my troubles, I realized that I needed to create content that appealed more to my audience and not what I thought they should have or what I felt like writing about. I then constructed a team of experts, who are knowledgeable with social media automation and implementation and website optimization, and I immersed myself in learning all I could about becoming a blogging expert and how to repurpose blog content.

As a result, I am able to offer a much needed service to WomenpreneursHands-Free Marketing Secrets – 12 Month Content & Marketing Done-4-You.” My business is the proof that this service works. My posts are directly connected to my list and social media accounts and automated for a complete year; it’s a hands-free process – and my eBook is a result of my repurposed blog content. Click here to get a chapter from my e-Book, and you can witness the results.

I am totally convinced that Slow and Steady Wins the Race coupled with automation is a proven strategy that works for obtaining Maximum Visibility, Extraordinary Recognition and gaining Expert Status.

To Blog or Not to Blog, That is The Question…

So, here’s the deal…

You may be like many business owners who find blogging a challenge, a waste of time or just flat out don’t want to do it!

So, you don’t.

Or you may be one of those who actually don’t mind writing, but find yourself struggling to turn your ideas into content that people will not only want to read, but also take action on.

So, You May be Wondering… 

  • Do you really need a blog?
  • Will anyone read it? 
  • How do you keep up with the content a blog demands?  
  • What can a blog do for your business

Blogs are essential to any business.  Blogging, if done right, can help you get CELEBRATED and COMPENSATED for your Expertise. But, as I mentioned earlier, any ole’ blogging just won’t cut it. Especially if you want to use your blog to get clients and sales.

Hobby Blogging Vs. Strategic Blogging

Hobby Blogging looks:

  • Boring: too long, not captivating.
  • Inconsistent: long gaps between posting that makes your site seem less credible and relevant.
  • Irrelevant: random topics that don’t serve a useful purpose by either helping your reader in some way or allowing you to achieve some business objective. 
  • Like a waste of time: boring because no one seems to comment or be interested in your content.

Strategic Blogging looks:

  • Compelling: content that has a powerful and irresistible effect that leads to sales.
  • Focused & Trustworthy: targeted topics that are reliable and gains the confidence and trust of your reader.
  • Relevant:  content your audience is looking for  but that also educates them on some problem your products or services solve.
  • Like a High Value Asset: content that builds equity in your business.

Many experts will agree that blogging is a powerful way to grow your business. But, most people create blah, blah blogs.  Strategic blogging means blogging with a purpose instead of blindly creating content nobody cares about or wants to take action on.

This Program IS for You If…

  • You want to turn the brilliant ideas in your head and on your hard drive into captivating BLOGS that get noticed.
  • You desire to gain a loyal following and a consistent flow of clients to your website.
  • You seek to CRANK UP your visibility to distinguish yourself from the crowd.
  • You want to share your knowledge in a CONSISTENT way without stressing about doing it and taking up your time.

This Program is NOT for You If…

  • You can’t commit to showing up for a standing 1 hour interview.
  • You aren’t willing or able to provide log-in information to your website or social media accounts (we will sign a non-disclosure agreement protecting you from fraud or abuse).
  • You expect overnight or “instant” success and can’t commit to steady and sustainable long term results.
  • You are “nit-picky” to the point of it holding up the project (quality is important to me and in order for this relationship to work, I need you to be able to let go and trust my expertise sometimes).

5 Brilliant Business Boosting Benefits of Blogging

  1. Become a published author and turn your blog into an e-Book…
  2. Build a community of loyal buyers and repeat customers
  3. Become known as a Go-To-Expert and sought after Thought Leader in your market…
  4. Make sales while you sleep or enjoy a much needed vacation…
  5. Free yourself to do the things you love most while your marketing works to bring in new opportunities to grow your business…

A blog has the potential to transform the life of a business and the reader to new and enlightening realms of reality.  And, I desire to be a part of this journey with you.

I will relieve you from all your worries and help position you as the go-to-expert in your industry with the use of  consistent blog posts.

And what is even more Extraordinary about this service is that The Write Bud not only educates people on your products and services but also the transformation they will get from working with you, and also create know, like and trust factors that get clients to buy.

You will be placed out front and centered in the “spotlight,” which generates massive visibility that puts money in your account, and frees up your time to focus more on your gifts, talents, and skills and do more of what you enjoy most in life. Now isn’t that what you desire to achieve?

Here’s What You Get!

Clarity This process is important to “find and developing your voice.”  I will help you define your tone, style and purpose –  to create your “brilliant” blog content

Freedom… You just need to show up for 60 minutes to talk about topics that matter most to your audience with strategic “calls-to-action” that get results

Results… 12 months of custom content strategically crafted for you to match your “brand voice” and designed to educate your audience to take action on your offers.

Set up a Discovery Session with me to discuss the possibilities of Crafting Strategic Content that is in your Voice and for your Specific Audience.

Don’t Delay – I know you will be amazed as the Results.