The Compiled Brilliant Blook


In the marketplace, the process of turning your blog into an e-Book is referred to as a Blook, which contains content developed from material that originally appeared in a blog.

 And You should be excited about this process because…

As a messenger, you have a purpose to serve the reader with your knowledge.  Without it, your purpose is lost, and a disservice is done to those individuals who need it.

What would happen if your message that could transform a life is not known?

Or the inspiration or encouragement that someone desperately needs to save them for a traumatic experience is not recognized?

And do you know that Your message that is transmitted to the recipient can ripple into the lives of their contacts and create a movement …all because your written message has been read and action is being taken to implement your content into their life?

Do you want to know how this is possible and become sought after for your knowledge, which will position you as The Boss in your industry?  if so,  Read Further Because You’re Gonna Love This!

Picture Yourself Bossin’ Your Message…

  • Smiling as you hold a newly printed copy of your e-Book that is a compilation of your blog posts -all created in your unique voice, which distinguishes you from the crowd.
  • Clapping to celebrate your accomplishment as an expert in the industry because you know you have a product that will connect with your target audience, who will be clapping and celebrating your individuality and the successful transformation your written content provides them.
  • Laughing with happiness because your thoughts are in an easily printable and transmittable format that can be quickly disbursed to a variety of audiences.

AND…To Become The Boss of Your Message…You Need To…                      

  • Show Your CONFIDENCE — and Do It Your Way
  • Breathe Life Into Your VISION
  • Overlook the Naysayers and the Opposition
  • Understand Your Written Message is Important And RELEASE IT

 You Know There is POWER in Your Written MESSAGE that can TRANSFORM a Life!


  • You’re unsure how to achieve expert status, expand your reach,  and rise to a more elevated level in your industry
  • You want to be seen as a more valuable woman in business, but you’re unclear of how to make a powerful impact in the marketplace.
  • You want to attract a clientele that is sophisticated, but you’re not sure how to find and connect with them.
  • You want to package your knowledge into a product that is valuable and publishable, but you lack the time and knowledge to do so.


Here’s Your Answer…


I can show you how to repackage your BLOG content into an E-BOOK (commonly known as a BLOOK) and successfully share your knowledge with readers.  Just think about this, Your message can help lift someone’s spirit, put a smile on someone’s face and love in their heart.

Your message can serve to educate, amaze, motivate, inspire and allow the recipient to create their dream into a reality.  Someone, Somewhere, Right Now needs what you have to say, so serve others with your uniqueness.  Only you have your particular message.


By Repackaging BLOG Content into an E-BOOK, Here’s what You’ll Get!


  • Heightened Visibility:  You will leverage your knowledge and sell to readers and make more money while also positioning yourself as an expert in your industry with a wealth of knowledge that people can learn from and take action on.


  • More Sales: Readers will get to know you intimately through your compiled posts that are repurposed into chapters and the accumulation of an e-Book.  This connection is what readers will remember and what makes you different from other professionals.  


  • Transformational Results:  You written message has the sole power to make other people take action, and that’s what will transform their life. 

So let’s get started in getting your message out to the masses, grow your visibility to Expert status, and generate more income for your business with an E-Book.

I invite you to set up a discovery session with me to discuss next steps in this process.