Motherhood, Dreams and Success

Motherhood Dreams & Success: You Can Have It All…


A Self-Help Empowerment Book for Women, Business Owners, Mothers, Wives And Dreamers.  30 Co-authors share their stories of Triumph, Courage, Perseverance, Tenacity and Inspiration…

A Must Read for the overwhelmed, overworked, down trodden and those who need a boost of spunkiness and direction on next steps to taken when all seems lost and chaos is surrounding you.

The stories are emotional.  You will laugh, cry, scream with anger and dream with each author and learn how they confronted challenges and achieved great accomplishments.

The Content is Empowering…You will Receive..

  • A step-by-step Guide to help Women Transform Their Lives
  • Solutions to Getting out of a Rut and Living Your Fullest Life
  • Instructions on How to Juggle Family Responsibilities while Fulfilling Your Dreams
  • Advice for Women who are Natural Nurturers But Need to Learn to Nurture Themselves
  • Directions For busy Moms trying to do it all and not Getting Successful Results


Don’t Miss Out on this Extraordinary, Action-Packed,  Energy Driven content that will show you how to “Get Up And Go” in Life.


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