Create list vs to do list: Womenpreneurs Need to know the Difference

Don’t just wake up and let your day happen to you. You must have a plan of action to get results.

Most of us are familiar with a To Do List – this is a list with items on it that we need or must get done daily, weekly, monthly, in a specific time period.

A create list is constructed by you without the time line constructions.

At the top of your create list needs to be (opt-in link) so that you can create message that attract a specific audience without the time constraints and rush and worry that many create list do to womenpreneurs.

Here’s an example of both lists…

To Do List                                                            Create list

Do the laundry                                                 coordinate the family’s clean outfits for the week

Go grocery shopping                                       pick up necessary items to cook healthy meals

Meet with clients                                             guide clients to their goal


Can you notice the positive influence action words have on how you feel about what it is that needs to get done? It makes you feel better and you don’t look at things as such a dreaded task and it helps to lessen the worry in your life.

As a woman, you are a natural creator. That’s your God given power. And, as a Womanpreneur you have that same power to create the business you so desire and that does not mean you have to sacrifice your daily chores and activities but put all your time into your business, which so many Womenpreneurs make this mistake, especially early on in their entrepreneurial journey.

I have a secret solution for keeping your business in tact while also fulfilling your daily needs. This process allows you to create your business the way you want allowing you the freedom to live the life you desire.

Hands-Free Marketing Secrets is your business’s daily savior. You’ll have No worries about getting everything that you need done. This process will take the worrying away from you.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1 – Strategic Planning:

You will design your road map for creating content that helps you achieve your marketing goals.

Step 2 – Rapid Fire Content Creation:

You’ll create massive amounts of valuable content that you audience needs, wants and desires from you.

Step 3 – Hands Free Automation:

You will learn how to get the right people and the appropriate technology that will put your marketing on autopilot.

It’s a quick and easy 1-2-3 step process. It’s Real and NO “FALSE” HYPE. I use this process in my own business and have received phenomenal results.

So, if you are ready to create the business and life you so deserve, click here to get more details about Hands-Free Marketing Secrets:

Do leave a comment and let’s get a discussion going about your thoughts on marketing the Hands-Free way.

As Always, Be Brilliant





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