Don’t Like What You See in the Mirror? How to Permanently Shrink Your Big But!

Let Your Bright Message Shine ~ Become the Brilliant Woman Messenger the Creator Designed You to Be…

~ Renee Dabney 

Featured in this week’s Brilliant Woman Messenger “spotlight” is Odette Laurie, coach and catalyst and champion of women, showing women in business how to get rid of excuses to fully live life. 

Hey there 21st century ambitious, intelligent business woman…does this sound like you…

You go to the mirror and you stare at yourself because you really don’t like what you see.

The hugeness of it scares you the most. It really is becoming a major problem for you every day.

You desperately want to get rid of it for good, but to totally eliminate it is not realistic, so…you think about ways to shrink it because…

You know there is more to you than what is staring back at you in the mirror.

And, no I am not talking about your backside!

I’m talking about the BUTS that stop you from achieving your greatness and hinder your progress in life like…

  • You want to start a business, BUT, you don’t have the know-how.
  • You desire to work and live on an island, BUT you don’t have money.
  • You want to quit your day job, BUT how will you pay the bills.
  • You want to follow your dreams, BUT you don’t have the support from family and friends.

Here’s a Fill in the Blank Exercise:

You are a speaker and want to share the stage with well-known women speakers, BUT __________.

You failed before at a business venture and you want to try again, BUT __________.

You provide clients with great value and want to raise your fees, BUT __________.

You want to write a book about your childhood experiences, BUT you are afraid __________.

You want to showcase your knowledge to your partners, BUT you feel your skills are not __________.

You have decided to take a “leap of faith” and start your business, BUT __________.

You know change in a part of life, BUT when things don’t go as planned you __________.

This list of BUTS is endless. The key is to not let it stop you from creating a Super Fantastic life that will seem like a dream.

As a woman in business, myself, I too, have allowed the BUTS to impede upon my progress as has many of my colleagues…so it’s important for women business owners to get control of their BUTS!

Here’s how to permanently shrink your Big BUTS for good:

Odette shares 7 key reasons that stop many of us women in business from achieving success in life:

  • We compare our successes to those of other women and find them lacking.


  • We dwell on past failures and use them as an excuse to not try again.


  • We often think we are not good enough or deserving enough to succeed.


  • We are afraid of being judged and care too much what others will think.


  • We think we lack the skills required and so find excuses to not even try.


  • We have trouble making a decision and sticking with it.


  • We are resistant to change. 


Does any of this sound familiar to you?

 We all have greatness within us, and when we stop allowing the BUTS to take over our life, our greatness will shine through!

You can get a copy of Odette Laurie’s, “How Big is Your But? – Discover the 7 Ways You are Sabotaging Your Own Success and How to Break Free Forever,” at

Do comment on this blog and let’s get a discussion going about how you plan to shrink those BUTS from your life.

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