Learn The Courtship of Content Marketing

Oh wow! You didn’t know that content is a courting tool that when properly implemented into the marketplace will garner fantastic results for the womanpreneur!

I guess you probably never looked at content this way, right?

Yes, content is like the air in which you breath, giving life to your thoughts and assisting in helping others breath more easily by providing solutions to their needs.

Content comes in many forms that is often overlooked as the foundation that assists in the success of your business…

Let’s take a look at the fundamentals of Courtship:

 Courting as a Childhood Rhyme:

First comes love

Next comes marriage

Then comes {insert your name} with a big baby carriage.

Do you remember singing this song as a child? I do. And, it was lots of fun inserting each other’s name into the space to make the rhyme fit.

Even though this is a childhood rhyme, That’s the same way courting works in real life.


Courting as a Real Life Love Story:

A man sees a woman who catches his eye.

He wants to know more so he approaches her to introduce himself.

The introductions go well and he asks her out on a first date.

That first date goes well and other dates soon follow.

He then wants to seal the deal and proposes to her.

She responds with a sounding “yes” and the couple is married

Shortly they start a family and children arrive.

Ironically, or not, that’s the same way content marketing works in courting potential clients.


The Courtship of Content Marketing:

The first step in courting clients is to pique their interest with a blog.

Then turn that blog content into a book, video series, eCourse or other repurposed content, creating a steady “dating” type of relationship between you and the client, where you reconnect with each other on a consistent basis – you’ve become the business owner with the goods that the client wants.

Next you have to keep repositioning yourself as the Thought Leader in your niche market by providing continued solutions to your client’s most pressing needs, which sets the foundation for a life-long relationship just like a marriage.

Voila, that’s the courtship of content in a nutshell!

Now, I’d like for you to re-examine your offerings and create content that courts clients setting the foundation for a happy life-long relationship and consistent cash flow to your business.

I can show you a proven system that allows you to easily court clients giving you the freedom to do more of what you love instead of being plastered to your computer posting you blog to social media all day.

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