Lessons on How to Rise Above Life’s Challenges to Succeed in Business and Life – With Dortha Hise

Let Your Bright Message Shine ~ Become the Brilliant Woman Messenger the Creator Designed You to Be…

~ Renee Dabney

Featured in this month’s Brilliant Woman Messenger “spotlight” is Dortha Hise, author, virtual assistant, and entrepreneur, helping you with the overflow of your daily-to-do-list so you can keep things running smoothly and not become overwhelmed so you can prosper as an entrepreneur.

Dortha’s brilliance shines through beginning with her background in psychology and the legal field, so she has always loved helping people. And her transition to an online business manager/virtual assistant, seemed natural to her.

As a result Dortha shares 3 business tips that you can implement now, on your own, that will get you geared up for success and lessen overwhelm in your life.

  1. Figure out what you can delegate. An easy way to do this is to look at what you and only you can do in your business…once you decide what those tasks are, everything else can be delegated. Remember, if you think you need support, you likely do.
  2. Hire someone with the proper skills to help get you results. If you’re not sure where to look, ask trusted colleagues who they are using. This can be scary for many entrepreneurs, but you have to recognize that no one can do everything themselves.
  3. Join Dortha’s 30-days to freedom challenge – http://prettysmartvaservices.com/30-days-freedom/. You’ll receive a tip a day to your inbox of tasks that you can delegate to your virtual assistant.

Even after you have followed these 3 business tips for success, you many still find that you are in need of help.

So…Here’s the best business advice Dortha has received from a mentor…

Become your own cheerleader and a cheerleader for others. Dortha always sought opportunities to inspire and uplift others as she recognizes that women in business may not have a strong support system at home. And, during these times you have to inspire yourself by being your own best cheerleader.

Like many business owners, challenges occur that can knock you off course. Dortha knows this first-hand because she is currently dealing with a health challenge that interferes with a neurological condition that presents as a vocal disorder, which she did not let deter her from operating her business.

Dortha persevered, and, as a result, she is taking her health and fitness goals to the next level by raising awareness for vocal disorders, gaining national attention and showing her determination to help others suffering from vocal disorder!

More so, Dortha’s will to help other people is her decision to chronicle some of her most challenging life’s events in her book, Rising Above the Ashes: Reigniting Your Joy After Any Loss.” In this book, she shares her 2-year journey of grief, beginning with the unexpected death of her Mother in July 2012. Shortly afterwards, Dortha was diagnosed with a vocal disorder.

Initially, Dortha thought the book was going to be about grieving the loss of a parent, whom she had a difficult relationship with, but, in the writing process, she took a different direction that came from losing 27 other people over the following 2 years, after her mother’s death.

So the book also shares various aspects of loss that business owners endure, which later Dortha found herself helping clients work through their business losses, like losing a big client or a partnership breakup.

Lastly, one of the biggest messages Dortha hopes readers “take away” from her book is that their grief does not define them. And, she shares tips on helping readers find things that bring them joy.

Dortha is also very generous and has great “giveaways,” so make sure to grab her prep checklist that gives you information on how to properly hire an assistant: http://prettysmartvaservices.com/prepworksheet/

I’ve worked with Dortha, and I know first-hand that she is caring and wants the best outcome for her clients. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking virtual assistant services, so pick up a copy of her book and connect with her at prettysmartvirtualservices.com.

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And, do comment on this blog and let me know your thoughts about how you persevere in life and business when challenges occur.

As Always Be Brilliant



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