What “Scandal” Creator Shonda Rhimes Teaches Women in Business

Let Your Bright Message Shine ~ Become the Brilliant Woman Messenger the Creator Designed You to Be…

~ Renee Dabney 

Featured in this week’s Brilliant Woman Messenger “spotlight” is Shonda Rhimes, an author, speaker mother and creator of the popular television shows, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and How to Get Away with Murder, helping Womenpreneurs conquer their fears and learn how to say “Yes” for an entire year.

As women business owners, we are successful, and we’re creating businesses in large numbers, mostly out of a need to do more fulfilling work aligned with our purpose, which allows us to live life on our terms, spend more time with family, have more control over our finances, and not hampered by the glass ceiling of corporate America.

This is all true, but what has even more truth is that the infamous emotion FEAR raises its ugly head time and time again, creating the new glass ceiling and unequal pay, zapping our time, and taking us more away from our families than our 9-5 jobs because we’re afraid to…

  • Rise to the next level in business – it’s unknown.
  • Increase your fees – you’ll lose client.
  • Feel the need to do it all – no one can do it like you.

Does this lingo sound familiar?

Shonda Rhimes has a solution Womenpreneurs can all learn from and…It’s really simple….

Say “YES” to your Fears.

In Shonda’s new book, “Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun, and Be Your Own Person,” enlightens us all about the importance of confronting our fears to improve and up level our lives.

How I showed up in business and eliminated my fears to create an awesome program for clients

As a content creator and new woman in business, I felt incapable of giving clients what they needed, wanted and desired, but I pushed through my FEARS, and now I have created a program that is getting clients amazing results.

My Hands Free Marketing Secrets is a 12 month content creation and marketing strategy that provides you high visibility in your niche industry, by marketing your products and services, all while freeing you up to focus on your gifts and talents and do more of what you love in life.

It’s a Win-Win because…

  1. It provides freedom for clients, which is one of my core values and what I feel I am here to do, which is in alignment with my purpose.
  2. I’ve decided to take what I love to do and monetize it, creating my own paycheck, free from the dreaded 9-5 time clock.

Saying “YES” to my business is an ah-ha moment for me. I’m just realizing how it feels to live out my main core value of freedom. So what FEARS are holding you back from living out your greatness?

Here’s a fun exercise…check each box to what you’re going to say “Yes” to…

  • Write the book that’s been bottled up inside you since childhood.
  • Start the business you’ve desired since you got your first job.
  • Take that much deserved exotic vacation.
  • Travel the world.
  • Build that beautiful “dream” home your mind has been set on for the last 20 years.
  • Purchase that yacht and sail the wonderful blue seas.
  • Speak on stage to large audiences around the world.
  • Sing that amazing song you’ve pondered in your head many nights.
  • Become that famous dancer and dance like your heaven is on earth.
  • Decide to live a high quality life that you could only imagine in your wildest dreams.
  • Other________________________________________________________________

Life is amazing, and it is meant to be lived to the fullest is the message from Shonda Rhimes that has influenced me to open up and stop letting fear hold me back.

As a result, I’m also saying “Yes” to choose myself as the main focus in my life. No, this is not another New Year’s Resolution. This is me taking a stand for myself, which is something I have always wanted to do, but I’ve been afraid of abandoning family obligations and other “non-me” focused commitments.

And, I’ve heard it all before…

  • Self-care is the best care.
  • Serve from your overflow.
  • You can’t fully help others if you are depleted yourself.

So whatever your FEARS are confront them all, and you will notice that you gain power back over your life, and you’ll release the tension and stress that is so prevalent in life today.

You’ll breathe easier, accomplish what you really want – and most of all, once you get past your fears, you will notice that the experience is not as bad as you once thought, and you’ll free yourself from the control of fear’s crippling hands.

Do comment on this blog, and let’s get a discussion going about how you will say “YES” for a year to truly live an amazing life.

Also, if you have a message that is tugging at your heart, I can show you how to release your Brilliant Message and guide you in getting it out into the world in a Big Way.

It’s a Hands-Free Marketing Secrets Process…

Check out: http://kenyahalliburton.com/hfms-masterclass/

Do comment on this blog and let me know your thoughts about how you overcome your fears and say Yes to the life you want to live.

Always Be Brilliant



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