The Brilliant Messaging Secrets e-Course

Are there times when you want to assist your clients but you are overbooked and not able to be there for them at the given moment?

Perhaps you have a client who desperately needs you before she can move forward and you don’t want to leave her in limbo but there is no room in your schedule to help her now.

Or you have a group of amazing women you frequently network with who are instant messaging you for advice and they know you have the answer but you are currently immersed in your commitment to another project at the time and not able to respond to them.

And a school has a copy of your book and they are delighted to offer you the opportunity to draw up a curriculum that will be used in their district. They need this information immediately and there is no room in your schedule or theirs to meet and seal this deal before the deadline.


So What Do You Do?


These are opportunities for you to get clients, gain lifelong amazing relationship, get professional acquaintances that can elevate your status and catapult you quickly to where you imagined would take a longer time.

And you don’t want your brand tarnished by just saying No or showing that you are incapable of giving people what they need upon their request.

After all, it took time to build your image and people are finally attracting to you and your web eminence has grown enormously.

Don’t Despair. Don’t Fret. Don’t Close Your Business.

And definitely don’t even think of yourself as a failure or that you are incapable of handle such requests.

Envision This Scenario:

You may not believe it but you, in some way, are a teacher, maybe not by trade, and perhaps not by your educational background, but by your Expertise.

And once people see you as the “Go-To-Person” for solutions to their problems, you are professionally coined as the “Problem Solver” and that is nothing to fret about – it is just a newer way of seeing yourself. Voila!

So see yourself as a teacher, consultant, or guide giving people what they needed in another way other than through a book or speaking to them.

As stated above, you may not always be available to work one-on-one with people but you can roll out your e-Course to them automatically. All you need is the marketing to get it out in front of them!


Do you have an e-Book or a Traditional Book or other written content or Brilliant ideas that you want repurposed into an e-Course? Yes, this is another avenue in which you can get in front of your clients without you being there to personally assist them.

And do know that clients will gain the same valuable results as working one-on-one with you so your brand will not be compromised – it can only be expressed more fully because you are able to give people what they need right then upon their request.

And many people are craving quick solutions to their problems without being cheated out of value.

I encourage you to turn your e-Book or your Traditional Book into an e-Course.

Here’s How It Works:

The e-Course is dispersed to clients in modules, which are learning lessons. Each lesson builds upon the next.  Your client will get the most knowledge by not skipping a lesson and following in the given order.

You can be assured that your e-Course will give clients the foundation needed to  gain their attention and seek you as the problem solver to their most pressing concerns and make money for your business.

Click here to get a module outline and description of an e-Course  which gives insight into what you can expect as an outcome for your clients.

Then set up a Discovery Session and let’s discuss the best approach to create an e-Course that fulfill the needs of your clients,