Womanpreneur You Must Develop Your Uniqueness to Stand Out in the Crowd to Get Clients and Cash – Tyra Banks Tells You How

Let Your Bright Message Shine ~ Become the Brilliant Woman Messenger the Creator Designed You to Be…

~ Renee Dabney

Featured in this month’s Brilliant Woman Messenger “spotlight” is Tyra Banks – author, mother, TV show host, former super model and now beauty business mogul showing women how to run their own business, develop their uniqueness and Smize while doing so.

You know the world of Entrepreneurship is noisy and overcrowded with everyone positioning themselves as the next best guru, expert and newbie to follow.

You may have even tried some of the tricks suggested by those guru experts at the top making money and attracting a massive audience.

But the market seems so saturated so how are you going to get attention with so much busyness going on all around you?

And, there’s always a shiny object like a new app, social media platform or technology to try out. After a while it gets confusing. I know because I’ve been there and done that myself.

Here’s your answer:

You have to develop your uniqueness that is specific to you like a fingerprint that no one else on this earth has the privilege of owning. Then you won’t have to chase after the shiny objects or feel the need to follow those at the height of their career, and you definitely won’t have to chase after clients to get cash.

This fingerprint is your steady cash flow and consistent client intake into your business, so clients will chase after you.

These clients will see you as the only solution to their problem and begin to refer you to other people and buy from you.

Your marketplace fingerprint is…

  • The sparkly star that twinkles in the dark night.
  • The moon that glistens over the water at high tide.
  • The arch in your back and the sway in your hips as stated in Maya Angelo’s famous poem Phenomenal Woman.

Striking out in this crowded entrepreneurial environment with your phenomenal-ness will come through with the use of your unique style, which are the (brand words) that attracts an audience – you then become the guru, expert, and thought leader in your industry that no one else can compare to or compete with. Here’s how Tyra Banks has done it.

Tyra’s Brand Uniqueness:

Smize – This word came about from her mother’s experience as a photographer, who instructed models to (smile) with their eyes which was later termed as (smize). It’s a sexy way to look into the camera. Check out tyra.com, where she’ll tell you how to do it.

Tyover– This is Tyra’s term for a makeover by adding the first two letters of her name with the word (over) to form (TY-over). Tyra is making her brand words specific to her business. Are you noticing the “fingerprint” analogy here?

Smack My Fat Lash – This phrase came about from the criticism of the media calling her a “fat” ass after a photographer secretly took a photo of her in a bathing suit during her larger than normal weight, while in Australia filming an episode of ANTM (America’s Next Top Model). The photo flooded the media. But look how Tyra turned a negative into a positive and now she is making Ka-Ching from it.

Oops Liner – This is a product name that came about from her experience as a supermodel when she noticed that eye-liner mishaps occurred and the mundane task of correcting it, so she came up with a solution fulfilling a need and creating another unique brand product name.

What I use is Smack My Fat Lash and Oops Liner – So I can Smize!

All of these product names are only synonymous to the Tyra’s brand, and it’s what makes her brightly shine in the crowded beauty industry. There are many more unique product names that relate to Tyra’s brand that you must check out at (tyra.com).

Another unique feature is that her products are packaged “in a stick” for easy application so while whisking through your busy day, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty – don’t you just love that as a Womanpreneur!

How To BYOB With Tyra Banks

And the prime stand-out feature of Tyra’s brand empire is BYOB (Be Your Own Boss), which is a business opportunity that Tyra is offering to committed individuals wanting to control their financial destiny.

Now what’s your uniqueness?

Take a look at your business and decide on how you will be phenomenal, sparkle, twinkle and glisten – you are unique and have the ability to craft your own words and phrases that match your brand, so when people hear such language, you are visibly clear in their minds as the one who can fulfill their needs, wants, desires and have solutions to their challenges – then the clients who attract to your unique message will come and bring their cash that will consistently flow into your business.

I encourage you to try Tyra’s beauty products and check out the great business opportunity she offers by connecting with her representative Catrice Jackson at www.tyra.com/catriceology.

Do comment on this blog, and let’s discuss your uniqueness in the marketplace. I want to know all about the message that only you have to share with the world.

And, if you need assistance with getting your message out into the world in a Big Way, I can show you how to construct content that is for your audience and in your voice.

It’s a Hands-Free Marketing Secrets Process…

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As Always…

Be Brilliant,



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