Womanpreneur Your Voice is Your Fingerprint in the Marketplace – How to Find It

You are a living, breathing, human being, right?

Yes, because you are reading this article. So if you are human, just living daily life tells that you have a story to share, and in that story is where your voice shines bright because only you have that particular story and can tell it in your own unique way.

And, as a woman in business, it’s your story (which comes through in the way you tell your story with the use of your voice – to include the words you use, descriptive details and any other unique attributes that are specific to you). Check out last week’s article to see how former super model Tyra Banks creates her brand fingerprint.

Your story is what connects people to you the most. But more important than that is the ability to emotionally connect your story to the reader. Once the readers actually feels your words, they are hooked. This is a strategy that takes creativity and practice and leads to your uniqueness, which is more than just solving problems in the business world.

Yes, what you do and how you solve problems for your client is paramount to your success. And perhaps you don’t want to impose too much of your story on the reader.


  • clients’ needs could change and you have to create new products and services that speak to their desires and your story no longer seems relevant.
  • your brand may go through an overhaul and what once attracted people will require you to reposition your business.
  • your business model and direction may need to be altered so you may be going in another direction and attract a different clientele.

All this is true, and when you change your brand, business model or the clients you once attracted are no longer loyal to you, it’s likely that you will have to comply with what the market wants and reposition yourself in business.


What does stay constant is your story, which may be similar to other women in business, but because no two people are “exactly” alike on this planet, it’s your story that separates you from the crowded marketplace.

Here’s How to Captivate Your Audience…

Your story is just the vehicle used to get attention, but it’s your “voice” that makes you unique. Remember, I said some stories have similarities? And, in business, your uniqueness is what gets you a steady flow of clients and cash.

I’ve worked with clients to extract their “voice” and create valuable content that not only solves problems but also inspire and transform the lives of other people.

So Womanpreneur Do You…

  • Seek assistance to get your voice in front of the right people…
  • Want to elevate and advance in your business.
  • Desire to provide massive impact in the marketplace.

And, if you are really read to advance in your business, I can assist you with getting your voice positioned for success on a higher level through this proven system – Hands Free Marketing Secrets – it has worked for me and my clients: http://kenyahalliburton.com/hfms-masterclass/

Do comment on this blog and let me know your thoughts about the Hand-Free Marketing process.

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