What Womenpreneurs can Learn from Famous “Wrap Dress” Designer Diane Von Furstenberg

Let Your Bright Message Shine ~ Become the Brilliant Woman Messenger the Creator Designed You to Be…

~ Renee Dabney 

Featured in this week’s Brilliant Woman Messenger “spotlight” is Diane Von Furstenberg, a mother, grandmother, author, reality television show host, owner of DVF stores and “wrap dress” and fashionista, helping women become who they want to be and to learn the importance of having a fulfilling self-love relationship.

Diane’s message so profoundly connected with me that I now live by it myself. She states, “The best relationship you have in life is the one you have with yourself. Anything else is a plus and not a must.”

You have to be the focus first before you can assist anyone else. If you are not whole, your clients, family, business associates and even strangers will notice.

How to Cultivate a Fulfilling Self-Love Relationship

You become the woman you want to be and not fit into what society, family, lovers or anyone else wants and or expects you to be.

Dianne did not pigeonhole herself into what society said she should do or be as a woman. She is also quoted as saying “I did not know what I wanted to do, but I knew the kind of woman I wanted to be,” which she accomplished by becoming an independent, successful business woman.

She built her empire with the famous “wrap dress,” which recently celebrated its 40th year anniversary and is now still worn by celebrities, models and women from all cultures.

In her new book “The Woman I wanted to Be,” Diane tells of her mother’s experience in the Nazi camp, her childhood upbringing and early adult life that led her to the fashion industry, and, unbeknownst to her at the time, was the springboard that helped her create a legacy.

What Empire are You Building…

Many Womenpreneurs pigeonholed themselves into doing work that brings in money but not the freedom to be the women you truly want to be, which is most often than not, why women go into entrepreneurship. You are creating an empire as a Womanpreneur through your products and services that will last the test of time.

What Legacy are You Creating…

You’re becoming an influencer by working with clients who get superb results, you gain a following with people who connect with your message, and you interact with business associates who trust you and see you as a knowledgeable expert and want you on their team, which is what people will remember you by and what you’ll become known for.

Here’s How Building an Empire and Creating a Legacy Works…

As the owner of The Write Bud, providing content for clients is my legacy. My ideal client is a Brilliant Woman Messenger with a “deep rooted” personal story that she uses as a tool to create positive transformational messages that inspires others to take action.

For instance, a divorced single mom tells her story but she doesn’t focus on her struggle but more so on what she learned as a result of her tribulations and the positive transformation that occurred, which is what she shares with her audience

And I vision The Write Bud as the vehicle that gives me the tools to create an empire that allows me to leave a legacy of Brilliant Woman Messengers for future generations to learn from, experience, grow and become their better selves.

My overall goal is to free womenpreneurs from the task of creating content and posting to social media accounts, taking up most of your time, when you could be at networking events, collaborating with joint venture partners, working with clients, enjoying a romantic dinner with your beau, spending time with family or relishing in pampering yourself – after all – you can’t build an empire or leave a legacy if you are exceedingly tired and overworked.

Don’t fall into this trap. Let me help you gain your freedom back with my Hands Free Marketing Secrets program, which gives you content that is in your voice and for your audience.

This Program Provides……

  • Longevity – just as Dianne’s wrap dress has sustained the test of time, so too will your message with content that is in your voice and for your specific audience, so you shine brightly in the marketplace.
  • Visibility Diane’s brand is showcased around the world, so too will your brand, products and services become a household name because your message will be everywhere a womanpreneur needs to be, allowing people to recognize you as an expert in your niche industry.


  • Freedom Diane’s wrap dress has given her the freedom to do philanthropy work, speak to large audiences, and travel the world…and you too will be provided with an enormous amount of free time because you will be able to focus on your gifts and talents and not plastered behind a computer posting to your blog or social media accounts.


I encourage you to enroll today, so I can help you get your Brilliant Message out to the public in a Big Way, check out  http://kenyahalliburton.com/hfms-masterclass/

Do comment on this blog and let’s get a discussion going about how you are positioning yourself as a power influencer in the world by building an empire, all while leaving a legacy.

As Always, Be Brilliant



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